Welcome Vendors

Hey! Glad to have ya. Below are some easy to follow, step-by-step onboarding instructions and
videos to help you get the most out of your listings and experience with us. Take a look, and
buzz us if you need us.

How to Create My Profile?

Where’s My Custom Pressy Link?

Once your profile is set, and you’ve uploaded your event services, you can begin promoting your profile using your custom link. Here’s where to find it.

Communicating With Your Bookings.

What happens when you get a booking and they send you a question/message from the platform?
No worries, in your dashboard there’s an “inbox notification” area that holds all of your messages from customers. You can send a response directly to them from there. In your onboarding videos (from Step 1 above “Creating Your Profile”) we show you exactly how and where to view your messages.

Need Help?

Chat with us directly. Exclusively for you, on this page and in your vendor dashboard we’ve created an open line directly to us. Just click the chat tool that’s in the bottom right hand corner and send us a message.

I’ve Got Customer Reviews, how can I list them here?

Great Question! For now, send them over to us and we will post them for you. Soon, we’ll post that option for you to be able to post those reviews in your dashboard with a simple “copy/paste” action.


Refer Other Vendors

Got professional buddies that you regularly work with, or cool frenemies that you think will be a great fit for us? Send them to us. Here’s how.

Get Pressy Vendor Updates

We’re constantly updating, advertising on your behalf, and just doing cool stuff. Check out our weekly vendor update blog.